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Arman Wiggins

My name is Arman Wiggins.  I own and operate a small orchard and nursery business called Poki Fruits, Inc. here in Hawaii.   I have been in the tree nursery business for over 20 years, first as an employee and now as an owner.

Some of my customers are interested in how we produce our nursery stock.  One of the main ways is by air layering our orchard trees.

Many people would love to “clone” a favorite tree from their parents or grandparents yard but don’t know how.

This is my attempt to solve that problem.  I bring all the materials and knowledge together in one place so that you can do it yourself. (And who else would do it if you don’t?)

I have purchased many beautiful fruit trees from Arman and his lovely family throughout the years here in Hawaii. At the local market they frequent, he and ever present family, consistently have the most excellent quality and quality of trees.

By - Robert Standard Says: November 10 , 2012 at 04:16 am

Arman, This is the best thing I have seen on the Internet by far! This is what I have been wanting to do. find an easier way to get tree’s started.instead of waiting on seeds, or transplanting the whole tree. I want to learn more about this Air layers! thank you so much.

By - William Don Higgens Says: April 16 , 2011 at 07:50 am